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"Armed Death’’ We Re created in December 1989 in xanthi (hellas- greece ) by Antonis and Zisis .In January’91 George joined us and our form was:

Antonis: bass/vocals, Zisis: guitar and George: drums

With the name ’’Army Of Death’’ we recorded our first demo in October’91 called ’’Army Of Death ’’ , At ’’Rock Sound Studio ’’ in Salonica .our first demo included 1 intro and 3 death-thrash tracks . All the copies of that demo have been sold out .In summer’92 we changed our name to Armed Death and our drummer .In the place of George ,Chris came. Our form is :Antonis: bass/vocals, Zisis: guitar and Chris: drums. We start immediately rehearsals with our new drummer and we put a lot of time and work in our new tracks. In January’93 our second demo is entitled ’’VAUNDOUN’’. We did the recording during the last weeks of 1992 at ’’studio 5’’ in Athens. It is including 3 brutal death metal tracks intro (Vaundoun) and outro. .

After the absence of 12 years the group recreated by the former member Antonis and Zisis our form is :Antonis: bass/vocals/synth, Zisis: guitars/bass and themis: drums and at the march of 2006 we record with the new drummer Themis , one new song’’Ancient souls ’’and the cover of ’’Forest of n’ gai’’from Rotting Christ. The songs recorded and demos re-mastering at studio Nemesis( Kavala)

and together with their previous demos of year 1991 and 1993 they circulate in one cd released from ‘’in metal we Trust records’’ and it be called

‘’return 1991-93...2006...’’

A tape version of the cd "return 1991-93..2006.." is released in july 2007 , by a brazilian goat music records.

In june 2008 we released our new tape titled "ancient soul" by french company maltkross productions.

In november 2008 we release our new tape titled"armed death" by italian black fog productions.

limited edition,only 100 copies.

BAND CONTACT : e-mail : antonis_antonis@yahoo.gr

site: http://armed-death.freehostia.com

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